Everbuild Gator Glue Adhesive


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Gator Glue is the Most Adhesive With a Real Bite

Once Applied, Gator Glue Penetrates and Expands Slightly On Cure Really "Sinking Its Teeth" Into Both Substrates to Form a Virtually Indestructiable Bond

Gator Glue Sticks to Most Common Substrates, Will Set Hard in About 30 Minutes and Even Sticks to Wet Surfaces

Gator Glue is Supplied as a Liquid Which is 100% Seawater Proof, Gives Exceptionally High Bond Strengths and Is Resistant to Most Chemicals

Gator Glue May be Used Internally and/or Externally

It is the essenial glue for the Trade, Household or Hobby Use

Colour: Brown

Sizes Available: 65ml, 150ml, 250ml and 500ml

Brand: Everbuild

Pack Qty: 1