Grey Leadax Roll


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Leadax is the First Lead Substitute in the World that Looks Like Lead, Dresses Like Lead and is a Malleable and Pliable as Lead

Leadax has the Same Unique Properties as Traditional Water Resistant Materials Such as Lead and Zinc Without Having to Compromise on Quality, Flexibility and Price

Leadax is Applied in Exactly the Same Way as Lead and is Equivalent to Code 5

Leadax is Made from Aluminium Expanded Metal on Both Sideswitha Layer of Modified Polyvinyl Butural, with a Removable Protective Film on Either Side of the Product

Leadax is a Patented Product

A Roll of 6m Long Leadax is 75% Lighter than a Roll of Actual Lead

Features of Leadax: Quick and Easy Installation, 6m Roll Lengths, Lightweight, Flexible, No Scrap Value, Certified, Sustainable, Affordable, Non Toxic, Durable and Circular Material

Sizes Available: 150mm x 6000mm, 200mm x 6000mm, 250mm x 6000mm, 300mm x 6000mm, 330mm x 6000mm, 400mm x 6000mm, 450mm x 6000mm and 600mm x 6000mm

Colour: Grey

Pack Qty: 1