Performance PLUS Screws - 100 Qty


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Pozi, Reinforced Double Countersunk Head – Reduces Head Breakage And Assists Countersinking.

Self- Countersinking Ribs – For Improved Countersinking And A Flush Finish.

Waxed Zinc And Yellow Passivized Finish – Corrosion Resistant And Significantly Reduces Torque.

Milling Tread – Reduces Torque, Prevents Splitting And Torque.

Serrated Thread - Cuts Into Wood Reducing Splitting And Torque.

Type 17 Cut Point – Reduces Splitting And The Requirement For Pre-Drilling.

Each Box Comes Complete With FREE Pozi Bit.

Sizes: M4.5 x 60mm, M4.5 x 70mm, M4.5 x 80mm, M4 x 70mm, M5 x 100mm, M5 x 120mm, M5 x 60mm, M5 x 70mm, M5 x 80mm, M5 x 90mm, M6 x 100mm, M6 x 130mm, M6 x 150mm, M6 x 180mm, M6 x 200mm, M6 x 50mm, M6 x 70mm And M6 x 80mm.

Pack Qty: 100.